Young Adult Social Justice

Community Service Program: Reach Out!

Engaging Jewish young adults in meaningful community service.

ReachOut! is a program targeted at engaging young Jewish professionals in their 20s and 30s in service. This program was created in 2010 to give young adults the opportunity to reach out and give back. Over the course of almost 5 years we have collaborated with numerous non-profit organizations and have left a positive impact in our community. ReachOut! offers all different types of ways to get involved. Our traditional cycle is 12 weeks long, volunteering once a week. These cycles take place once in the fall and once in the spring. This coming fall we will be expanding our program by two weeks, making it a 12 week cycle! 20% more volunteering! This is just a small taste of what ReachOut! has to offer, for more information, click here.

For information contact Tracy McNamara at (617) 457-8643.

Community Organizing

Join with other Jewish young adults, Jews, and other communities of faith across Greater Boston to act on issues we care about, in partnership with the JCRC's Greater Boston Synagogue Organizing Project and the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization.