JCRC of Greater Boston Statement on Nomination of Former Senator Chuck Hagel to Defense Secretary

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE || January 7, 2013
Contact: Jeremy Burton at 617.457.8659

President Obama has professed a deep commitment to the US-Israel partnership and the isolation of dangerous actors such as Iran, Hamas, and Hezbolah. One of the great legacies of President Obama’s tenure will be the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and the full integration of gays and lesbians who wish to serve our country into the armed forces.

We respect the prerogative of the President to select the team of advisors whom he believes in his judgment will best help him to advance the interests of our nation.  

It is with these matters in mind that we are concerned by the nomination of former Senator Hagel as Secretary of Defense of the United States. His record raises questions regarding his views on regional security in the Middle East and his willingness to use economic sanctions to prevent nuclear proliferation by Iran. 

We are further troubled by Senator Hagel's record of statements denigrating civic leadership by LGBT Americans and insulting both the American Jewish community and other supporters of Israel.

We look forward to a confirmation process in which the Senate will provide Senator Hagel with an opportunity to answer the questions that undoubtedly will be asked of him on these and other matters.


The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston (JCRC) is the representative voice of the organized Jewish community. Comprised of 40 constituent organizations, JCRC serves as a catalyst for building a strong and vibrant Jewish community in Boston and around the world; advocates for a safe, secure, Jewish, democratic state of Israel; and promotes an American society that is democratic, pluralistic and just.