JCRC Board of Directors

JCRC is led by volunteers who participate in committees and in other leadership roles. JCRC has two primary leadership structures, the Board and the Council.

The Board is responsible for overseeing JCRC's programs as well as its annual budget and other financial matter. It is comprised of 24 members elected by the Council, our past presidents, and up to two individuals appointed by the President.

The Council is responsible for JCRC's International and Domestic policies and positions in which JCRC publicly advocates in the name of the Jewish community. It also is responsible for JCRC's participation in the annual resolution process of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA). The Council is comprised of representatives of JCRC's 43 member organizations, the JCRC Board, and a certain number of "community representatives" (based on the number of Board members and member organization representatives). Community representatives are recommended each year by the nominating committee and elected at the Annual Meeting. Each member organization is assigned a number of representatives between 1-3 based on their size and activity in the community.


Stacey Bloom, President

Stacey Bloom,

Vice Presidents
Samuel Gechter

Scott Gilefsky

Samantha Joseph

Assistant Secretary
Margie Ross Decter

Mark Friedman

Assistant Treasurer
Frank Litwin

Board of Directors

Rabbi Laura Abrasley
Josef Blumenfeld
Nicole Gann
Alex Goldstein
Debbie Isaacson
Fredie Kay
Jonathan Klein
Rabbi Claudia Kreiman
Lon Povich
Leah Robins
David Rontal
Nathan Rothstein
Craig Slater
Kathy Weinman
Amiel Weinstock
Andrew Zelermyer

Past Presidents

Michael Bohnen
Susan A. Calechman
Ruth B. Fein
Bill Gabovitch
Rae M. Ginsburg
Jill Goldenberg
Geoffrey Lewis
Joel M. Reck
Stuart T. Rossman
James W. Segel
Donald J. Siegel
Kenneth A. Sweder
Adam Suttin
Justin Wyner