JCRC strengthens the ability of Jews and synagogues to do high-impact social justice work from a Jewish perspective. We work to build a Jewish community that prioritizes social justice, to connect Jewish communal interests to broader social concerns, and to enable individuals to recognize and build their power to act as change agents with their synagogues.

We engage Jewish communities in action on issues of concern to them, providing training on leadership development and an invitation into meaningful social justice work through individual consultation and networking opportunities. Our objective is that synagogue and non-traditional Jewish communities and their social justice efforts are strengthened, and change is effected in Greater Boston and the state by addressing root causes of social problems.


Organizing Priorities:

To create the change that we aim for, we work in close partnership with the following coalitions to link Jewish communal interests to broader social concerns:

To get involved or for more information, please contact Rachie Lewis, Director of Synagogue Organizing.