A Shabbat To Protest

By Jeremy Burton | Jun 29, 2018 | Comments Off on A Shabbat To Protest

With the increasing frequency of Saturday rallies and gatherings responding to current events I’ve been thinking a bit of late about JCRC’s “Shabbat policy.” Though it’s rarely discussed, our practice is not to sponsor or participate as JCRC in programs – from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. While we recognize and affirm that Jews have a wide range of Shabbat observances (including none at all), … Continue reading A Shabbat To Protest »

Meet Stacey Bloom: JCRC’s New President

By Jeremy Burton | Jun 22, 2018 | Comments Off on Meet Stacey Bloom: JCRC’s New President

With all the change and transition going on in our community, I’m pleased to highlight an exciting change here at JCRC. Last week, the JCRC Council (the representative body of our 43-member organizations) elected our leadership for the coming year, including our new President, Stacey Bloom. Stacey and I have been working together in one way or another for nearly seven years now, and I’m thrilled … Continue reading Meet Stacey Bloom: JCRC’s New President »

My Rainbow Kippah

By Jeremy Burton | Jun 15, 2018 | Comments Off on My Rainbow Kippah

As a child in the Haredi Orthodox community in New York, I – along with all the other boys – wore a black cloth kippah, the “skullcap” whose origin goes at least as far back as the Book of Samuel when David ascended the Mount of Olives and covered his head. And while my relationship to this garment has its origins in the ancient rabbinic … Continue reading My Rainbow Kippah »

Stories We Cannot Tell

By Jeremy Burton | Jun 8, 2018 | Comments Off on Stories We Cannot Tell

Every Shabbat in my congregation, we say a prayer for the government of the United States. Our version of this prayer asks that “God, who commanded all humanity to create just governments, bless and protect the elected and appointed officials of the United States,” and inspire them, among other things, to “let their actions reflect compassion for the poor, the defenseless, and the needy amongst … Continue reading Stories We Cannot Tell »

We can no longer say that anti-Semitism is in retreat

By Jeremy Burton | Jun 1, 2018 | Comments Off on We can no longer say that anti-Semitism is in retreat

“Burton” isn’t a traditional Jewish surname. My grandfather was born Moshe (Milton) Bergstein. He grew up in Harlem in the 1920s along with his younger brother Levi (Louis). Louis aspired to become a sports journalist, but he knew a Jewish-sounding surname wasn’t going to get him on New York radio. So he changed his name, and his older brother – wanting to share a family … Continue reading We can no longer say that anti-Semitism is in retreat »

Shavuot and “Embracing the holy space”

By Jeremy Burton | May 18, 2018 | Comments Off on Shavuot and “Embracing the holy space”

This weekend we, the “People of the Book,” will mark the giving of said Book. Jews around the world will celebrate Shavuot, as we retell the experience of Moses ascending Mount Sinai and receiving the Ten Commandments. For me, one of the most powerful aspects of this holiday is that it does not stand alone, but rather, it exists in direct relationship with Passover, exactly … Continue reading Shavuot and “Embracing the holy space” »

From a place of love

By Jeremy Burton | May 11, 2018 | Comments Off on From a place of love

In Leviticus 19:17, we read: “You shall not hate your kinsfolk in your heart, rebuke your kinsman and do not incur guilt because of him.” Unpacking this verse, Maimonides tells us: “When one person wrongs another, the latter should not remain silent and despise the person… Rather, we are commanded to make the matter known and ask the person: ‘Why did you do this to … Continue reading From a place of love »

How do we cut through the noise?

By Jeremy Burton | May 4, 2018 | Comments Off on How do we cut through the noise?

There’s a good chance that you actually watched comedian Michelle Wolf at the White House Correspondence Dinner this week. You might have also caught Prime Minister Netanyahu’s dramatic prime time reveal of data taken in a bold nighttime raid in Teheran earlier this year. And I’m guessing that not many of you watched President Abbas’ address to the Palestine National Council. But if you are … Continue reading How do we cut through the noise? »

The Israel conversation we’re striving for…

By Jeremy Burton | Apr 27, 2018 | Comments Off on The Israel conversation we’re striving for…

At the risk of repeating a tired trope, I will point out that there is virtually no matter on which the Jewish community is united in our analysis and opinions. That is arguably most true with regard to our concerns for the future of the State of Israel. And there is probably no subject that has invited more angst-ridden pieces in recent Jewish discourse than … Continue reading The Israel conversation we’re striving for… »

“I get it. BDS is wrong, but then what?”

By Jeremy Burton | Apr 20, 2018 | Comments Off on “I get it. BDS is wrong, but then what?”

The topic that’s dominated just about every conversation I’ve had this week has been BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions), the global campaign to deny Israel’s legitimacy. My week began by sitting on a Sunday morning panel at the J Street conference, about countering BDS. And throughout the entire week, I’ve been working intensively with many of our members and partners – within and beyond the Jewish … Continue reading “I get it. BDS is wrong, but then what?” »