Tensions of our Jewish Identities and Safety

By JCRC | January 13, 2023

This article was originally published on the Times of Israel Blogs.  Why do some Jewish organizations and advocates – who profess fierce loyalty and commitment to the Jewish community – sometimes end up in partnership with individuals that other members of our community see as threats to Jewish security?   This is a question that, in some form or another, I am asked more and more of late … Continue reading Tensions of our Jewish Identities and Safety »

JCRC: Fighting Antisemitism for 80 years

By JCRC | December 9, 2022

Are we having an impact in the fight against antisemitism?  I hear a variation on that question virtually every day. Often, multiple times a day.   There is, rightly, great concern in our community right now. Even fear. Because it is very clear that both expressions of and acts of antisemitism, including violent acts targeting people and facilities, are on the rise. Regular readers know that … Continue reading JCRC: Fighting Antisemitism for 80 years »

Kanye, Tree of Life, and the Mapping Project

By JCRC | October 27, 2022

Yesterday we marked four years since the attack at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. On that day seared into the memory of every member of our community, eleven Jews were taken from us by a white supremacist who espoused the antisemitic ‘great replacement’ theory; holding the Jewish people to be the nefarious force secretly siphoning white power by supporting non-European immigration to our … Continue reading Kanye, Tree of Life, and the Mapping Project »


By JCRC | October 6, 2022

Yesterday I retweeted this tweet from Dr. Sara Yael Hirschhorn:   “Lord am I overjoyed to check my phone after Yom Kippur and find no terrible news of an antisemitic incident at a synagogue! #thetimeswelivein”   I echoed her sentiment and agreed that this was indeed an awful thought to have. Unfortunately, we had spoken too soon, and there came the reports of a German synagogue’s window … Continue reading #TheTimesWeLiveIn »

Join us this Sunday to observe Yizkor

By JCRC | September 30, 2022

Each year, on the Sunday between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Jews around the world visit the graves of their family members to honor their memories. For many Holocaust survivors and their families, there are no graves to visit.  Though this absence of place cannot be filled, JCRC and our partners host a Yizkor Service for our community’s local survivors and their families, a program … Continue reading Join us this Sunday to observe Yizkor »

“The Good Jews”

By Jeremy Burton | August 4, 2022

With the fast of Tisha B’Av (9th day of Av) – a day for mourning the destruction of the two temples in Jerusalem – this Sunday, I find myself contemplating troubling trends within our Jewish community. Specifically, the growing toxicity of our communal discourse and our inclination to blame each other for the actions of those outside the Jewish community who mean to do us … Continue reading “The Good Jews” »

By the Rivers of Babylon

By Jeremy Burton | July 14, 2022

Tonight, as we start Shabbat, we also arrive at the 17th of Tammuz on the Jewish calendar. This fast day (observed on Sunday) commemorates when, after a prolonged siege, Roman legions breached the walls of Jerusalem in 70 CE. This date begins the “three weeks,” a period of collective Jewish mourning leading to the 9th day of Av. Tisha B’Av commemorates five calamities – among … Continue reading By the Rivers of Babylon »

Community Response to BDS Supported Mapping Project

By JCRC | June 8, 2022

Under the guise of an interactive map, the innocuously named “Mapping Project” is promoting a list of Jewish communal organizations in Massachusetts that it contends are “responsible for colonization of Palestine or other harms such as policing, US Imperialism and displacement”. Virtually every Jewish organization in the Commonwealth, along with its leadership, is listed in this map along with the relationships of each to civic, … Continue reading Community Response to BDS Supported Mapping Project »

The Last Living Link

By JCRC | April 28, 2022

This is a week of remembrance. It started on Sunday with the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. As I write this on Thursday morning, we mark Yom Ha’Shoah v’laGevurah (Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day). Established by Israel’s Knesset in 1951, it is a time for us to gather and remember the six million Jews who were killed in the Shoah (and is differentiated from International … Continue reading The Last Living Link »

Working Together to Confront Antisemitism

By Jeremy Burton | February 25, 2022

Before I discuss some local events this past week, allow me to express that – like so many of you – my heart and my mind are very much with Ukraine as I write this. Our Jewish community in Boston has deep connections there; I’ve been privileged to visit our sister Jewish community in Dnipro three times, including twice on solidarity missions after the Russian … Continue reading Working Together to Confront Antisemitism »