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  • 26 Jun

  • Abortion Access

    As the voice of Greater Boston’s organized Jewish community, JCRC has convened a working group to articulate our communal values and offer a roadmap for living them out. Developed in conversation with partners and longstanding leaders, our work is guided by this charter and principles. 

    We will continue to work to defend access to abortion care through communal events and convenings, advocacy, and direct support.  


    Communal Events: 

    Convening Synagogue Leaders  

     JCRC is convening leaders from a variety of synagogues in MA who want to learn from and with one another and coordinate opportunities for education and action. If you and your community would like to learn more, please contact Director of Synagogue Organizing, Rachie Lewis at .  

    Click here for a listing of all upcoming Jewish communal events sponsored by JCRC member organizations 



    Direct Support: 

    Abortion Care Package Drive 

    JCRC is collecting care packages to distribute to a variety of local abortion providers to offer to their patients. If you would like to organize a care package drive in your congregation, please contact Rachie Lewis, Director of Synagogue Organizing at  


    Donating Funds 

    We encourage people to donate to the National Council of Jewish Women’s Jewish Fund for Abortion Access, in partnership with and support of the National Abortion Federation, and funds travel and abortion support for those across the country who need it. 


    MA Legislative Advocacy 

    There is so much we can do to protect and strengthen abortion access, even in Massachusetts where our legislature has taken strong action to protect providers and people seeking care. Working in coalition with groups like, Reproductive Equity Now, Planned Parenthood, and ACLU Mass we will continues to advocate on the Beyond ROE Agenda to protect and expand access to care, support patient and providers, and increase education and research. Both in the near term and long term, we will facilitate conversations with elected leaders and members of our community to demonstrate the breadth and depth of our commitment to abortion access in Massachusetts. For more information contact  

    If you have additional questions about how to engage with this work, don’t hesitate to reach out.