Volunteer Opportunities

Weekly Tutoring

Join a Team: The traditional volunteer model for GBJCL is tutoring one student weekly for the whole school year. These GBJCL volunteers join literacy teams from synagogues, Jewish organizations, and local businesses. Participants include “empty nesters,” working professionals, at-home parents, and retirees. Volunteers come from all backgrounds and do not necessarily have professional training in education.

Prospective Volunteer Application
Re-Enrollment Form

Ongoing Support: GBJCL provides professional training and resources to enable program participants to provide the most effective support to the students and schools they serve. This includes access to a Literacy Consultant as well as a School Relations Consultant who are veteran public school educators. GBJCL accepts applicants throughout the year to participate as volunteers in our tutoring program.

Program Leadership Opportunities

Team Lead: Form and lead a literacy team through a synagogue, Jewish organization, or business.

Teacher’s aide: Former elementary school teachers offer additional support to teachers and impact a classroom.

Library Renewal Projects

Weekly Library Support: Over the years, many Boston Public School libraries have closed due to a lack of resources and limited funds to staff and maintain the library. GBJCL is partnering with BPS to support schools as they re-open their libraries. BPS is looking for volunteers to commit weekly to helping a school librarian catalog and reshelve books and support students as they visit the library throughout the school day.

Book Drives: Donate books or organize a book drive to benefit a classroom, school, or community library. Please see also the bar/bat mitzvah book drive option.

Other Ways to Give

Matching Donation for Book Drives: Provide a matching financial gift to an existing GBJCL book drive effort.

Sponsorship Opportunities: Provide financial support to the program and become a member of the Founder’s Circle. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to help the program grow its partnerships, trainings and other resources to better support our schools.

If you or your company is interested in matching a gift or sponsoring the program, please contact Becca Shimshak at .