JCRC advances the priorities of the organized Jewish community within the community at large.

We serve as a bridge between the Jewish community and the broader community, focusing on five key areas: government affairs, community relations, Israel engagement, Holocaust awareness and synagogue organizing. In these arenas, we:


  • Form deep connections with public officials, civic leaders, and groups of multiple religious faiths, and strategically connect and facilitate important and timely conversations among key parties. 
  • Cultivate relationships among disparate voices across the community. 
  • Advocate for the interests of the Jewish community locally, nationally and in Israel. 
  • Create events, forums and other opportunities to deepen participants’ understanding of current issues and engage our community with changemakers and civic leaders.
  • Engage the community in service opportunities to make an impact in Greater Boston.
  • Solve challenges behind the scenes by making connections, educating leaders, facilitating conversations, and driving change.

We mobilize our community

JCRC is a catalyst. When JCRC enters a room…things happen. Relationships are formed and results are achieved. We facilitate understanding across groups, across communities, and among disparate perspectives.


We convene people and perspectives

JCRC is a convener. We convene people and groups with disparate ideas and priorities. We bring them together to be heard, build relationships, foster greater understanding, and take action to create a stronger community and a just society.


We advocate on issues that matter

JCRC is an advocate. We help civic leaders, lawmakers and other changemakers understand the many sides of complex issues at times of crisis and critical importance.


We create meaningful relationships

JCRC is a connector. We form relationships among people and groups with deep disagreements — and work to identify commonalities and come together in the most important moments.