JCRC’s purpose is to define and advance the values, interests and priorities of the organized Jewish community of Greater Boston in the public square.

Honoring our partners in government

By Jeremy Burton | Feb 16, 2018

Every year, we take the opportunity to recognize our community’s partners in government who have allied with us to build a more just Commonwealth; one that embodies the most cherished values of our Jewish community through our Legislative Reception. This event celebrates not only our honorees, but also the power of civil discourse and debate across ideological lines, in the service of building strong and powerful … Continue reading Honoring our partners in government »

Refusing to Let the Window Close

By Jeremy Burton | Feb 9, 2018

  A message from Jeremy Burton, Executive Director and Eli Cohn-Postell, Director of Israel  Engagement Two polls were released in recent weeks, each of which highlights a disheartening aspect of the current state of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A Pew Survey pointed to a sharply increasing partisan divide between Democrats and Republicans when asked about their sympathy for Israel. Meanwhile, a semi-annual poll of Israelis and … Continue reading Refusing to Let the Window Close »

JCRC is Deeply Disappointed by Decision to Refer S.1689/H.1685 “To Study”

By JCRC | Feb 8, 2018

JCRC is deeply disappointed by the decision of the Massachusetts Legislature’s State Administration and Regulatory Oversight (SARO) Committee to refer S.1689/H.1685 “to study.” This bipartisan legislation, An Act Prohibiting Discrimination in State Contracts, is intended to ensure that those seeking to do business with the state affirm that they are in compliance with all Massachusetts anti-discrimination laws and that they do not refuse to do business … Continue reading JCRC is Deeply Disappointed by Decision to Refer S.1689/H.1685 “To Study” »

Why I Write (and Tweet)

By Jeremy Burton | Feb 2, 2018

Candidly, some weeks as Friday is approaching, I am challenged to carve out the time to write a post. And sometimes, when colleagues ask me, “how do you find the time to tweet every day?” I question my own decision to prioritize writing on busy days. Given the reactions generated by what I write – dissection of every word, a good deal of push back … Continue reading Why I Write (and Tweet) »

Millennials and our legacy institutions

By Jeremy Burton | Jan 26, 2018

When JCRC was founded in 1944, the overwhelming majority of American Jews affiliated with the major Jewish institutions who created us to represent their interests in the broader civil society. Today, according to the 2015 Greater Boston Jewish Community Study, the numbers who affiliate with our “legacy” organizations is below 40%. For JCRC, this shift in affiliation toward other kinds of Jewish communities raises important … Continue reading Millennials and our legacy institutions »