JCRC’s purpose is to define and advance the values, interests and priorities of the organized Jewish community of Greater Boston in the public square.

Gratitude in Challenging Times


These have been a difficult few weeks. Our hearts have been heavy as we follow tragic events and learn of suffering in the world and at home. The terrorism that has impacted so many lives hit particularly close to home last week for the Boston Jewish community as we lost one of our own children, Ezra …Continue reading »

AJC, ADL, CJP and JCRC Call on MBTA to Desist in Display of Hostile Advertisement


ADL, AJC, CJP and JCRC jointly call upon the MBTA to immediately comply with their Advertising Standards and desist from displaying a hostile advertisement which is demeaning and disparaging to Israel, Israelis and Jews currently in display at some stations. The ad combines the image of a child with language, including the words “violence” “Israel’s …Continue reading »

#TDOR: The Cost of Being Other


  As I write to you from Germany, I’m reflecting on one of the lessons we draw from our own experience; that we all benefit and thrive in a free society where all are protected, and that it is vital for us to  speak out against all forms of fear and discrimination.  I look forward …Continue reading »

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