Combating Antisemitism

As our community is challenged by rising antisemitism, JCRC counters misperceptions about the Jewish people and prepares for moments of crises by forming deep relationships with our allies and ensuring that Jewish institutions have the means to stay secure. Our role is integral to the fabric of Greater Boston.

JCRC Combats Antisemitism by:

  • Working to ensure that local civic actors – in particular our state and local elected officials, local faith leaders, and local media – are attuned to our concerns and our experience, and that they are stepping up to their responsibility to fight antisemitism and support our community’s safety. 
  • Building strong relationships with civic and faith partners so that they stand with us in the fight against antisemitism.
  • Convening and coordinating efforts to counter antisemitism across our council’s diverse member organizations. 
  • Advocating to secure millions of dollars for nonprofit security grants for vulnerable religious institutions, and successfully advocating for mandatory Genocide Education in the state of Massachusetts.
  • Working with local media to encourage their responsiveness to reporting this crisis. We appreciate those who’ve taken time to sit down with us and cover these issues
  • Running programs like Student-to-Student – a nationally recognized peer education program where Jewish high schoolers share their Jewish identities through personal stories. This program is proven to reduce prejudice and bigotry and facilitate discussions to dismantle antisemitism.

In 1944, shaken by the devastation of European Jewry and antisemitic violence in Boston, 16 Jewish organizations came together to create JCRC. We knew then that surmounting the challenges of antisemitism would take a unified body, connections with those in power, and the forging of relationships across racial and ethnic lines. We also knew that the best defense against antisemitism is the fight for civil rights and against hatred and bigotry in all of its forms. We knew then, just as we know now, that supporting a democratic and pluralistic American society is the best way to protect our own community and all marginalized groups.

How to Report an Antisemitic or Discriminatory Incident

If you have experienced or witnessed an incident of antisemitism, extremism, bias, bigotry or hate, please report it using ADL’s incident form.