Israel Under Fire

JCRC is working closely with our partners and will be sending updates regularly on opportunities to gather, learn, and show our support for Israel.

Click here to visit our Israel Resources page.

We stand with Israel always. We are horrified at these brutal acts of terrorism, aggression, and destruction and we will work tirelessly to ensure that our friends and family in Israel know that we are with them. Please look for more communications from us soon.

Praying for peace and for the safety and security of Israel and all we love there.

Combating Antisemitism

At a time when antisemitism is intensifying, JCRC advocates for policies to combat rising extremism and prevent violence. JCRC counters misperceptions about the Jewish people and prepares for moments of crises by forming deep relationships with our civic and interfaith allies. JCRC also advocates for millions of dollars of funding each year for nonprofit security grants to protect faith-based institutions that are at higher risk to ensure they have the means to stay secure. Click here to learn more about JCRC’s work to combat antisemitism.

Strengthening our Communal Infrastructure

As we enter into the 2022-2023 Legislative session, we will continue focus on core areas critical to the Jewish communal infrastructure from securing funding for nonprofit security programs and genocide education to budget allocations for services for immigrants, seniors, and people with disabilities.

Advocating for new arrivals

Working with immigrant rights organizations, civic partners, and Jewish human service agencies, we are advocating for appropriate supports for our Commonwealth’s newest arrivals to ensure adequate housing, legal aide, job training and other need supports.

Protecting Abortion Access

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston (JCRC) affirms our support for abortion access. We denounce any action that elevates one religious tradition’s viewpoint of when life begins over others and thereby infringes upon Jewish individuals’ rights to follow the tenets of our faith. As the voice of the organized Jewish community, we are compelled to demand a society that is governed by democratic and humanistic principles in which people have the right to religious freedom, personal decision making, and human dignity. In partnership with our council members and community and faith allies, we are advancing policy and interventions that remove barriers to abortion and other reproductive rights.

Learn more here about JCRC’s work on Abortion Access.


New coalitions

JCRC has joined two coalitions this session that reflect key values of JCRC. We are proud to have joined the Election Modernization Coalition steering committee and to have endorsed the Feed Kids Coalition to make permanent universal free meals for students.