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  • 26 Jun

  • ACTION ALERT: Somerville City Council will consider Resolution “in support of an enduring ceasefire in Gaza.”

    On Thursday, January 25th at 7:00PM, Somerville City Council will consider Resolution #240089 “in support of an enduring ceasefire in Gaza.”



    We want to make the Somerville community aware of the proposed ceasefire resolution on the agenda for the Somerville City Council Meeting.

    First, we encourage you to read the resolution. Read the full resolution here.

    We recognize that municipal resolutions involving international affairs can further perpetuate tension and division right here at home. Such policies can exacerbate civic tension for populations already feeling unsafe. We encourage Somerville residents to engage in civil, civic discourse.

    Communicate with members of the Council in writing by sending an email prior to the meeting, either to individual council members or by emailing the entire council.

    When you communicate in writing:

    Be polite. Thank the Council Members for hearing you out.

    Don’t attack them, and don’t criticize them individually.

    Please use your own words, speak from your own perspective and experience – don’t just cut and paste talking points – they don’t need to hear the same sentences over and over.

    Somerville City Council Contact Information

    All City Council Members:  or 

    Willie Burnley Jr., City Councilor At Large, , (617) 475-0203

    Wilfred N. Mbah, City Councilor At Large, , (508) 718-8126

    Kristen Strezo, City Councilor at Large, , (617) 209-9915

    Jake Wilson, City Councilor at Large, , (617) 468-8969

    Matthew McLaughlin, Councilor, Ward 1, , (617) 999-0924

    Jefferson Thomas Scott, Councilor, Ward 2 , (857) 615-1532

    Ben Ewen-Campen, Councilor, Ward 3 and President, , (617) 702-2613

    Jesse Clinngan, Councilor, Ward 4, , (617) 290-1904

    Naima Sait, Councilor, Ward 5, , (508) 475-9003

    Lance Davis, Councilor, Ward 6, , (857) 261-1909

    Judy Neufeld, Councilor, Ward 7, , (617) 684-5112