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  • An Attack on Our Democracy: Statement from JCRC of Greater Boston

    Today is a sad day for our nation. The U.S. Capitol was overrun by rioters who, for a short while, disrupted the function of our democratic process of transition. This interference with the tallying of the Electoral vote is an assault on the very foundations of our democracy, unprecedented in our nation’s history.
    Guided by our mission to “promote an American society which is democratic, pluralistic and just,” JCRC has affirmed and recommitted ourselves to preserving and restoring America’s democratic norms during the last several years. Ensuring that our democracy is and remains well-functioning and, specifically, securing the integrity of our elections systems, has never been more urgent than it is today. For this reason, JCRC cannot remain silent in the face of this violent insurrection.
    JCRC stands with our Council member the ADL in affirming that “people assaulting law enforcement or breaching government buildings must be arrested and held accountable.” JCRC also condemns all assaults on the democratic transfer of power, including those by President Trump who, as David Harris, the CEO of our Council member AJC states has “undermined democratic values by a refusal to accept the election results” and “encouraged folks to reject a peaceful transition of power.”
    We echo the words of Governor Baker today, who said that “the chaos now unfolding is the sad but predictable outcome of weeks of attacks perpetrated by President Trump and his supporters against the democratic process that makes America the greatest nation on earth. These baseless challenges to President-elect Biden’s victory must stop.”
    We pray for the safety of those law enforcement members trying to maintain order and keep the peace amid the chaos, for the members of the press who are on Capitol Hill today, for the residents of the District of Columbia, and for the elected representatives, their staff, and specifically for our Massachusetts delegation, who are trying to do their democratic duty at the Capitol today.