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  • 26 Jun

  • Boston’s Jewish Community Deserves Better than the Jewish Advocate’s Lies


    Dear Rabbi Korff –

    I have been dismayed by the direction of the Advocate in recent years. In the current issue of the Advocate your employees manipulate facts and narrative to tear down a respected community institution seemingly in service of your own pernicious agenda.  The continued attack on an honorable community leader is the latest outrage in the Advocate’s pursuit of shoddy journalistic standards and even shoddier and more questionable integrity.

    I have chosen by and large to hold my tongue, even when those lies and manipulations are about myself personally or the organization I lead. However, I will not remain silent when you malign my staff. On the Advocates’ March 31 letters page, in response to a letter from Jen Kiok of the Workmen’s Circle, the Advocate falsely attributed a quote to a JCRC spokeswoman in an “editor’s note.” We have reviewed our communication with your employees regarding the anti-BDS legislation. At no time did our spokeswoman ever say that “all JCRC members also support the bill” nor did she ever say that the Workmen’s Circle specifically had taken a position in support.

    Astute readers of the Advocate know that your editor has an unhealthy affection for falsehoods. That the editor would boldly lie and blame his journalistic failures on falsely attributed quotes is a new low, even for your paper.

    Jeremy Burton, Executive Director

    Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston