Thirteen Facts about TELEM:
  1. In its 13 years of programming, TELEM has engaged nearly 9,000 teens.
  2. On a service trip to New Orleans in 2016, the TELEM crew used an amazing 15 gallons of paint in three days to paint the entire interior of a home.
  3. Last year, 784 teens participated in TELEM programming in 20 synagogues and 3 day schools, with an estimated 625 individuals receiving service.
  4. In Hebrew, TELEM means “groove” or “track”.
  5. It’s also an acronym for tenuah le’i’tzirim mitnadvim, or “Movement of Youth Volunteers.”
  6. In the 2017-2018 end of year student satisfaction survey, over 90% of teens said that they would recommend TELEM to their friends.
  7. For the past five years, TELEM has supported partners in participating in Hunger Seders, an initiative of the JCPA to raise awareness of hunger and food insecurity across the US.
  8. TELEM ran 9 service trips to assist in post-Superstorm Sandy recovery work in Brooklyn and Long Island.
  9. The Fran Litner TELEM Service Award, in honor of the longtime Education Director of Temple Beth Emunah, Brockton, is awarded to a Jewish teen from the South Area who best exemplifies Fran’s commitment to TELEM and service to the community and includes a scholarship prize.
  10. There are 6 TELEM tracks of service: connecting generations, environmental sustainability, literacy, poverty – hunger and homelessness, special needs, and advocacy.
  11. Last year, in partnership with JCRC’s Greater Boston Jewish Coalition for Literacy program, 57 day school students provided tutoring for 139 students in public schools.
  12. This year, 81 teens and parents participated in TELEM’s MLK Day of Service project.
  13. TELEM was launched in 2005, and we’re celebrating our Bar/t Mitzvah this year! Help us celebrate.
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