As Passover approaches, many of us prepare to join family and loved ones around the Seder table. During this time, we may take a moment to appreciate the meaning of this particular holiday where we celebrate freedom, redemption, and community.

When the Jewish people left Egypt over 3,000 years ago, we were cautioned repeatedly to keep the experience of being strangers in a strange land fresh in our memory, and make it the basis of our behavior toward others. In fact, the most ubiquitous commandment in the Torah is about the fair treatment of the stranger, “for you yourselves know the heart of the stranger.” That essential Jewish value informs all that we do at JCRC, as we stand with, advocate for, and reach out to those who have been isolated, marginalized, and oppressed.

For 74 years, the JCRC remains dedicated in our efforts to organize, advocate, volunteer, and take action. Just in the last month, two families facing deportation have made the decision to seek refuge in a church, or what is called Sanctuary. JCRC is organizing 16 synagogues and approximately 400 volunteers who are actively supporting four families in Sanctuary in MA. By doing so, we strive to create a stronger and connected Greater Boston community, where all are respected regardless of race, religion, or nationality.

Please help us to continue this essential work on behalf of the Greater Boston Jewish community by donating today.

All of us at JCRC wish your family a happy and meaningful Passover holiday.