Building bridges, helping those who are most struggling right now, and being good neighbors in hard times.

Volunteer Virtually

Create a symbol of hope


Chat virtually with children and those with disabilities

Write cards and letters

Lend your support to those hit hardest

Connect with Peacebuilders

Take JCRC’s Pathways to Peace Learning Series:
Now more than ever, we need to find ways to connect with our neighbors. We live in a global community where stories from around the world can unite and inspire us. Join us for Pathways to Peace: a six-part series featuring Israelis and Palestinians telling their stories of identity, friendship, and cohesion even during a time of social distance. Photo for ROOTS event invite at Emanuel

Advocate & Contact your legislators


Donate Food, Supplies, and Funds

Donate supplies:

IMG_3882 (1) Donate food: Donate diapers:

Donate blood:

Donate Funds:

Volunteer in Person