Equity in Education Followup

  • Click here to view Dr. Hadad Haj’Yahya's powerpoint on Remote Learning and Education Gaps
  • More about moderator Dina Kraft: Dina hosts "The Branch" a podcast sponsored by Hadassah. It tells the stories of friendships between Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians who work together. Here is an episode about the bilingual Hand-in-Hand School in Jerusalem, which is part of an integrated network of Arab-Jewish schools in Israel where the students learn together, in Hebrew and Arabic.
  • More about the Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues: the Task Force is a coalition of more than 100 North American Jewish organizations committed to learning and raising awareness about Arab citizens and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. The task force serve as a non-partisan resource, providing a range of programs and materials to enable Jewish leadership to incorporate these issues in a manner relevant to their mission, board members, professional staff, and constituencies.