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  • 26 Jun

  • Gathering in Solidarity with Israel Under Fire


    My remarks from the Israel Solidarity Gathering in Boston today, Monday, October 9, 2023

    We are gathered united in our grief – grief for the horrific taking of so many innocent lives this shabbat, for the murders of our friends, our relatives, and our families, too many to name individually today, but all of whom are in our hearts. 

    We gather united in our outrage –for the atrocities committed against the Israeli people. Because there can be no equivocation and no justification for these terrorists who chose to initiate this attack, who have taken the lives of at least 800 innocents, and more than 100 hostages, including many elderly and children.  

    And also, we are outraged that the perpetrators of these war crimes – the Iranian backed terrorist organization Hamas – are, once again, using innocent Palestinian civilians as their human shields as they seek to escape accountability for their crimes. 

    And finally, we gather united in our strength. We are strong because we stand with each other and with the Israeli people. And with the support of all decent people, Israel will continue to be strong. Boston stands with Israel in this time of tragedy. And with the unyielding support of the United States, Israelis will defend themselves, they will endure, and they will have justice for the horrors of this past Shabbat.