JCRC will host an exciting Live Auction to sponsor service opportunities through our community service programs.

AUCTION ITEMS (as of July 1)


2014-11-25 18.22.18_rev• $31- Support a reach out participants 1 hour service visit
• $365- A 12 week cycle of service for one volunteer
• $400- Event for ReachOut! volunteers to socializer and recruit new participants (two a year)
• $500- Small Shabbat dinners at the home of a volunteer (6 per a year)
• $1,800- Large Shabbat dinner for all participants at the end of a cycle (two per year)
• $2,000- Prayer Books for Shabbat dinners to reuse for 15
• $22,000- A twelve week cycle of 60 RO volunteers


Greater Boston Coalition for Literacy:

100_1362• $18 can give the gift of a backpack to students struggling to come to school with the basic necessities.

• $50 brings five new and noteworthy books to a classroom in need or sends books home with a student to build their home library.

• $100 gives a whole class a set of distinct bilingual books targeted to the needs and interests of the teacher and students.

• $150-$300 allows GBJCL to send one of our “Directors Picks” bundles of new and noteworthy titles to a school library or home with students. Approx. 12-24 books. These are typically only available once a year through a raffle so this would be a special bonus!
• $350 to sponsor a Story Walk through our collaboration with Boston Children’s Museum and the Boston Public Library.
• $500 brings and expert trainer together with our volunteers to support their professional development as learning partners and valuable teacher collaborators.
• $1,000 will allow GBJCL professional staff to attend national conferences on Literacy and school support programs to act as an ambassador, build our professional network and strengthen our expertise in the field.
• $1,000 will support a volunteer’s weekly tutoring for one year.
• $2,000 transportation to the Boston Children’s Museum allowing hundreds of school children the opportunity to partake in Literacy focused programming and activities.
• $2,500 to provide each of our schools with a custom curated box of activities so volunteers can offer target instruction.
• $5,000 will bring a noted children’s author into GBJCL partner schools for inspiring workshops aligned with curricular in partnership with Wondermore.
• $10,000 will support an entire literacy team for one year.
• $10,000 offers our talented school leaders and liaisons a stipend to recognize and support their effort placing and supervision hundreds of GBJCL volunteers each year.

Service Trip-related
• $175- Participant t-shirts for one service trip
• $200- Guided tour for 15 at the Tenement Museum or beautifully restored Eldridge St. Synagogue as part of a service trip to NY
• $300- One student to participant on a service trip to NY to assist in post-Sandy recovery work
• $1,000- One van rental for transportation for a service trip to NY to assist in hurricane Sandy relief efforts
General Programming
• $33- sponsor one teen for one volunteer experience
• $100 to support the TELEM speakers bureau such as formerly homeless individuals from the Mass Housing and Shelter Alliance
• $250- Fran Litner TELEM Service Award scholarship for excellence in community service for one year
• Provide transportation for one TELEM group to get to and from a service visit in the Boston Area- $275
• $300- One training session in storytelling and interviewing with Jewish Women’s Archive and a TELEM “Connecting Generations” group (for their intergenerational interviewing and narrative initiative
• $325- sponsor a single volunteer trip for one group
• $390- sponsor one teen to participate in TELEM for a year
• $2,000- Writing (4) new sessions for the TELEM Introductory Curriculum for students to learn about the Jewish routes of social justice and tikkun olam
• $2,500-T-Shirts for all TELEM high school participants for the year
• $3,000- T-Shirts for all B’nai TELEM middle school participants for the year
• $3,900- Sponsor a TELEM group for a year
• $12,000- Writing one new TELEM service curriculum (Poverty, Hunger, Homelessness, Youth Engagement
The new TELEM Building and Recovery Corps
• $400- One training session with NECHAMA: A Jewish Response to Disaster for the new TELEM Building and Recovery Corps
• $500- Purchase materials and supplies for the new TELEM Building and Recovery Corps