Holocaust Awareness

Yizkor Service In memory of the six million

Sunday, October 6th, 2019 | 11:00am

Berlin Chapel at the Statue of Job, Brandeis University, Waltham

Held on the Sunday between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, this service provides local survivors and their families the chance to pay tribute to family members who died during the Holocaust or have passed away recently.

Sponsored by the American Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Descendants of Greater Boston and Generations After


Yizkor 2019 Speakers

Sylvia Ruth Gutmann was born to Jewish parents in Belgium in 1939. Her sisters, her mother, and she, aged 3, were interned in France during WWII. A 19-year-old French nurse rescued the interned children, including Sylvia and her sisters, from being delivered to Ausschwitz, where Sylvia's parents ultimately perished. Sylvia's mission is to spread her message of peace, of what it means to be a child survivor of such horrors, and how the scars take a lifetime to heal. Sylvia has spoken at numerous schools and organizations around the world.


Phillip Weiner recently served at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia where he was responsible for overseeing war crimes investigations relating to the Khmer Rouge regime. He previously completed a four-year appointment as an International Judge at the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina where he was responsible for cases involving allegations of War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity and Genocide.

JCRC partners with the Greater Boston Jewish community to promote Holocaust Awareness and education.

In association with the New England Holocaust Memorial, JCRC is committed to a high level of programming, education, and survivor relationships. This partnership creates a wide variety of educational opportunities for people of all ages. The Memorial is an important resource for individuals, teachers, and groups looking to study the Holocaust, genocide awareness, bullying and other issues of discrimination, hatred and intolerance.


Tour the New England Holocaust Memorial 

We offer tours at no charge led by Holocaust survivors and educators. These tours can be individualized to fit your group size, to work with your curricular goals, and to accommodate individuals of all learning levels.

To learn more or to schedule a tour, please email Emily Reichman.

Click here to visit the New England Holocaust Memorial Website.

JCRC Supports "An Act Relative to Genocide Education"
Hatred and Antisemitism are on the rise.  In 2017, ADL tracked an 86% increase in Antisemitic incidents in K-12 schools right here in Massachusetts. Many of these incidents involved Holocaust-related imagery and language. Memory of prior atrocities is fading.  According to survey data released last year, many adults lack basic knowledge of the Holocaust, and this lack of knowledge is even more pronounced among millennials. Yet, the overwhelming consensus (93%) is that all students should learn about the Holocaust in school. Education is key to combating hate.  By learning about the Holocaust and other genocides, students will have the opportunity to explore how stereotypes, prejudice, and religious and ethnic hatred can escalate to atrocity.