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Jeremy Burton, Exectutive Director


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In 1944, shaken by the devastation of European Jewry and antisemitic violence in Boston, 16 Jewish organizations came together to create JCRC. We knew then that surmounting the challenges would take a unified body, connections with people in power, and investment in relationships across racial and ethnic lines. We also knew that the strongest defense against antisemitism includes fighting for civil rights, against hatreds and bigotries of all forms, and for a democratic and pluralistic American society.

75 years later, we are challenged anew with rising antisemitism and threats to the future of our liberal democracy.

We at JCRC have risen to face this challenge, not only by preparing for crises and ensuring that Jewish institutions have the means to stay secure, but also by engaging our community in myriad opportunities to act on our Jewish values by pursuing justice for our neighbors as well as for ourselves.

During our strategic planning process, JCRC asked our stakeholders to describe a single moment affirming the unique value of our Council. They had no difficulty naming one: Our communal response after the horror of the Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh, when we gathered on the Boston Common with over a thousand people of all faiths, to mourn the unthinkable loss to our People.

Through our deep, lasting relationships with elected officials, interfaith clergy, and civic leaders throughout Greater Boston, who showed up for us that day and who continue to show their solidarity daily we work collectively toward an ambitious agenda for the health and vibrancy of our broader Boston community. While so many are promoting ideological divides, JCRC is amplifying the broad center of our community and honoring the integrity of our civic space. We are challenged – in an increasingly fractured time – to listen and give voice to a broad array of perspectives and interests ensuring that we are authentically representing Jewish concerns in the hardest conversations and the moments of crisis that impact us all.

In 2019, when our civic norms were so profoundly challenged, we heeded the call to lead boldly, to build upon our proud history, and to pursue new, ever more audacious goals, such as increasing solidarity with our immigrant neighbors, expanding our Boston Partners for Peace program, and redoubling our commitment to community relations. We invite you to join us.


In 1945, with the end of World War II, our Council sent the following message to some 2,500 clergy, state and city officials, labor leaders, and others across Greater Boston: “The Jewish Community Council of Metropolitan Boston…stands ready to work with other self-respecting groups on programs of public welfare for the cause of peace and on all proposals dedicated to human dignity…As free, enlightened human beings, now victorious over the Axis, may we be done forever with hatred, suspicion and distrust and may we build solidly on the foundation of mutual understanding and mutual respect.


Deepening existing relationships and developing new ties with interfaith and legislative partners, strengthening our ability to deliver MOBILIZING OUR COMMUNITY’S LEADERSHIP
Expanding JCRC’s capacity to respond to community relations crises and leveraging our community’s leadership.
Recommitting to JCRC’s core mission of engaging the Jewish community in public affairs, to build solidarity across the broader community and meet the critical challenges of our times.

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