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For all of us who love Israel, these are trying times. The sense of a stalemate on progress toward peace is leading to a disturbing trend. As many Jews, especially many younger ones, are losing hope for a peaceful future, they are disengaging and disconnecting.

But we at JCRC derive our hope for a vibrant and peaceful future from the robust efforts of thousands of Palestinians and Israelis in the field, working together every day in pursuit of a more peaceful and promising future. Together with CJP we launched Boston Partners for Peace to amplify their work and invite our Boston community to be part of their efforts to bring about a brighter future.

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The Abraham Fund, a partner organization, works to advance a shared society of coexistence and equality among Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens by promoting programs that model inclusive public policy and institutional reform.


Boston Partners for Peace connects our community to Israeli and Palestinian changemakers, and ignites hope as an alternative to despair. Through this initiative, the Boston Jewish community invests in and expands the potential of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) building a shared future in four critical areas: civic engagement, people-to-people groups, economic cooperation, and education. The path to a better future must come from changemakers on the ground who are creating partnerships and collaborations across all that too often divides them, recognizing each other’s human dignity, and affirming each other’s narrative and legitimacy in a shared homeland.

Photo source: Boston Globe
Photo source: Boston Globe

On September 30th, Boston Partners for Peace hosted a visit with an Israeli and a Palestinian leader of the Parents Circle Families Forum, a group of bereaved families who have all lost family members in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Rami Elhanan (left) and Mazen Fraraj (right), Co-Directors of the Parents Circle, discussed their heartbreaking personal experiences with loss and how they have been transformed into peacemakers, through their grief. Over the weekend, 215 people heard their powerful message, in synagogues and a church setting.



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