These are trying time for those of us who love Israel and support its future as a secure, Jewish, democratic state. The sense of a stalemate on progress toward peace and the two-state solution is leading to a disturbing trend. For too long, Americans have lacked a clear path for contributing to Israeli and Palestinian peacemaking. But we at JCRC derive our hope and inspiration from the robust efforts of thousands of Palestinians and Israelis in the field working together every day in pursuit of a more peaceful and promising future. We have an important role to play in lifting up their voices.

Participants on our 2018 Clergy Study Tour Boston Partners for Peace
A movement connecting local leaders and aspiring activists to grassroots Israeli and Palestinian peacebuilders working towards mutual recognition, dignity, and a just and lasting peace. Israeli-Palestinian peace starts here. JCRC Study Tours
We offer a unique opportunity for community leaders throughout the Commonwealth to experience the dynamic culture, rich history, and innovative economy of Israel. Participants meet with Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Israelis and Palestinians to gain a better understanding of the complexities and challenges facing Israel and the region.