The upswing in expressions and acts of anti-Semitism and threats to JCCs, Day Schools and the defilement of Jewish cemeteries across the United States is causing great distress throughout our community. On Tuesday, this unease reached new proportions with the targeting of two of our Jewish Day Schools, Solomon Schechter in Newton and Metrowest Jewish Day School in Framingham, as well as the ADL Boston office. This intimidation follows the threats to Jewish Community Centers in Newton, Worcester and Springfield earlier this year and is designed to instill fear, make us feel vulnerable and of most concern, keep us from gathering as a community in ways that are so necessary in this difficult time.

Unfortunately, the frequency of these acts is rapidly accelerating, and the list of targets is growing, but we will persevere as a community and live our lives proudly as Jews and in solidarity with one another. Now is the time to come together as a unified Jewish Community to tell the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that this is unacceptable. Freedom of religion is fundamental to American democracy and no one should be made to feel unsafe because of their beliefs or religious identity.  Definitive actions must be taken to ensure that our institutions and those publicly identified with other faith based groups are being made safe and secure by the state.

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