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  • 26 Jun

  • JCRC Statement on Recent Terror Attacks in Israel

    We are deeply troubled and outraged by the wave of violence perpetrated on innocent Israeli citizens by Palestinian terrorists in recent weeks. Just today, four terror attacks took place in the course of two hours, resulting in the deaths of three Israelis and one Palestinian attacker, and injuring 23 Israelis and 4 Palestinians.
    “My heart cries for the victims and I stand with Israelis in their fear, anxiety, and determination to end the violence and live normal lives,” said JCRC Executive Director Jeremy Burton. “I am also distressed that, as Daniel Gordis notes, ‘…fear is bringing out the worst in a small minority of Israelis… (with) attacks on Arabs becoming more common.’ We deplore these expressions of hate and acts of violence.”
    JCRC President Adam Suttin added, “We pray for the families and the victims of these attacks, and urge the international community to speak out loudly against these acts of terrorism and to urge the Palestinian Authority to condemn this violence and desist from further incitement.”
    We are outraged at distorted media accounts, which portray terrorists gunned down after homicidal attacks as victims of Israeli aggression. We call on all media to present fair and balanced coverage of the events unfolding in the region.
    The current situation is intolerable. A strong and definitive Israeli response is necessary and justifiable to protect its citizens. Palestinian leaders must do all that they can to quell inflammatory falsehoods about Israeli intentions to alter the Temple Mount status, and take all steps necessary to deescalate tensions. We look forward to a future in which a two state solution will allow both Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace. We stand with Israel in this time of sorrow and fear and with all people in the region who strive for peace, justice and security.