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  • 26 Jun

  • JCRC Statement Supporting Legislative Action Rejecting Economic Warfare Against Israel

    The Jewish Community Relations Council supports the Israelis and the Palestinians in their pursuit of a better future. We share the belief that the only way to achieve a lasting peace includes a two-state resolution, where two peoples can live together side by side, each with a state of their own in a shared homeland. In recent years we have seen a growing campaign to deny Israel’s right to exist. This campaign uses economic, cultural and academic warfare in an effort to isolate Israelis and challenge the legitimacy of Israel’s existence. Blaming only one side for the conflict by using boycotts, divestment, and sanctions – collectively referred to as the “BDS movement” – only diminishes the prospect for peace. If these efforts are successful in isolating Israelis, they will further fuel terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah in their efforts to destroy Israel. The organized Jewish community of greater Boston is united in our rejection of the global BDS movement and its goal of isolating and delegitimizing the State of Israel. We support a broad range of efforts including legislative action that encourages companies to reject the pressure from those who engage in economic warfare against Israelis. In recent months, legislatures around the country and the world have taken up a range of approaches for rejecting BDS. JCRC again applauds the Massachusetts legislature for their unanimous expression of support last October for the U.S.-Israel relationship and for their rejection of this campaign of delegitimization. This action, along with numerous others over the past several years convey a clear message of support from our legislative leadership and reflects a deep bipartisan coalition in both houses. Our legislators have stated with one voice that effective engagement is the key to positive outcomes in the region. JCRC supports additional, binding, legislative action that would utilize the economic influence of our Commonwealth’s government to reject the BDS campaign. There are several options and approaches for doing this and JCRC has not – at this time – endorsed any one bill or approach. We continue to work with our bipartisan legislative partners to identify and advance the best legislative approach that is appropriate for our Commonwealth. Peace is paved through diplomacy and discussion, not through isolation and expansion of the conflict. JCRC will continue to work to promote peace, reject BDS, and encourage the efforts of our political leadership to be strong and steadfast in their support for a better future for the Israeli and Palestinian people.