JCRC75 “No-show” Gala: September 18, 2019


What is a “No-show” Gala?

A “No-show” gala means literally what it sounds like… this gathering will never take place, and you don’t have to give up a precious evening to attend one more event or spend $$$ on uber/gas, a new tie/dress, or a babysitter!

By buying a ticket or sponsorship, you will fully benefit JCRC’s vital programs, and receive a gift bag with a JCRC75 commemorative book and more!

JCRC75 Host Committee


Samantha Joseph (JCRC Board Member and Development Chair) and
Justin L. Wyner (JCRC Past President 1971-73)

JCRC Historial Timeline

A timeline of major moments throughout JCRC’s history. We’ll be uploading new photos and facts every month with help from the Wyner Family Jewish Heritage Center archives!

Letter from Executive Director Jeremy Burton

“Looking to the past, embracing a bold, new future.”

JCRC75 No-Show Gala