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  • 26 Jun

  • Jeremy Burton Statement on ‘Axis of Hope’ Video

    JCRC Executive Director Jeremy Burton has issued the following statement regarding a Boston University-affiliated high school workshop that  promotes anti-Israel bias and questionable pedagogical techniques.

    “I have watched the video and have also reviewed all of the publicly available source material from the ‘Axis of Hope’ website (some of which has since been removed). The materials on the website certainly raise substantial concern regarding the premises of this program and the biases it may be introducing to our youth.  Of particular note is that the program operates with the imprimatur of Boston University and may be gaining access to youth around the country based on an implied endorsement by BU of its morally questionable point of view.

    “JCRC and the organized Jewish community consider the introduction of anti-Israel bias in high schools, both public and private, to be a matter of legitimate concern for the Jewish community and for anyone who wants our youth to have a solid educational foundation for life. We are working closely with our partners within our member agency network to understand and address the challenge that Axis of Hope poses to youth.”