Since its earliest years, the field of Jewish Community Relations has been guided by the goal of supporting a secure, democratic and Jewish state in the land of Israel. The JCRC of Greater Boston shared this vision, and we continue to believe that the only way to secure a lasting peace for Israel is through a two-state solution directly negotiated by Israelis and Palestinians. The current political landscape is marked in large part by frustration and despair, and this attitude has led many people to be skeptical of the prospects for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. The unfortunate reality is that many Israelis and Palestinians believe that they suffer from a lack of visionary leadership; they see their leaders as managing the moment but lacking the courage to take the bold steps needed for a brighter future. We believe that even at this time, where there may be an absence of hope and progress, there are opportunities for the Boston Jewish community to take concrete, constructive action in service of the two-state solution.

JCRC remains committed to the two-state solution, and we are renewing that commitment by launching new initiatives designed to renew hope and to maintain and expand the potential for two states.


For more information on Israel programming, contact Eli Cohn-Postell, Director of Israel Engagement.