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  • Proposed Public Policy Priority 2011-2012 Legislative Session Economic Recovery

    The country is recovering from the worst and longest recession since the 1930s. States have seen a significant reduction in tax receipts and have had to make drastic cuts to make up for the lost revenue. The Federal government has implemented a number of programs to aid states, but many have been delayed, reduced, or have already been expended.

    Recognizing state and federal government’s role in economic recovery, the Public Policy Committee of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston proposes to support legislative policies that lead to economic recovery.

    The Jewish Federations of North America have also identified “Responding to the Economic Crisis” as one of their major priorities (see JFNA 2010 Public Policy Priorities at Like JCRC, they seek to ensure that the social service network has the necessary resources to meet the needs of the most vulnerable during times of economic hardship, including housing, food, and employment training.  Further, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs’ (JCPA) has passed multiple anti-poverty resolutions aimed at personal economic recovery, such as: Poverty and Welfare Reform; Living Wage; Budget and Tax Policy; Housing, Hunger and Homelessness; Affordable Housing; Predatory Lending; Strengthening the Assets of Low Income Households; Alleviating Hunger and Food Insufficiency; Reform of Federal Poverty Measure; and Usury. (See JCPA Policy Compendium at

    Strengthening national, state and individual economies will take time, development of new policies, and job generation and training. As such, as a public policy priority for 2011, the Public Policy Committee of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston proposes:

    To support policies that lead to personal economic recovery and security, including safety-net services, sustainable housing, and job expansion, training, and placement services.

    To support state and national economic recovery in order to improve personal and family well-being and financial stability.