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  • Statement from the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston Regarding Boston City Council ‘Immediate Ceasefire’ Resolution 

    We understand that on Wednesday, May 1 at noon, the Boston City Council will consider a resolution titled ‘Resolution Calling for an Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza’.  

    This proposed resolution – which would be the first official statement concerning Israel and Gaza by the City Council since Hamas’ horrific attack on October 7th – would, if adopted, be a troubling outcome to the months of debates and negotiations around the Boston City Council regarding how to responsibly support a ceasefire in Gaza. 

    We at the JCRC have been on record for several months now that we do not object to responsible and thoughtful calls for a negotiated ceasefire. While continuing to denounce Hamas for its barbaric attacks and standing with the Israeli people in support of their right to defend themselves, we have also condemned the loss of innocent civilian life in Gaza and emphasized the need to prioritize humanitarian aid. 

    As early as February, we consulted with another Boston Councilor on a thoughtful ceasefire resolution that was offered and then withdrawn. That resolution – like those adopted by the Somerville and Cambridge City Councils – modeled responsibility by explicitly naming Hamas, a U.S. designated terrorist organization, as the perpetrator of the October 7 attack. That proposed resolution also addressed the sexual violence perpetrated against Israeli women on that day by the attackers.  

    The newly proposed resolution, by contrast, is not balanced. It fails to name the culpability of, let alone condemn Hamas for the barbaric October 7 terrorist attack on Israeli civilians; the taking of innocent civilian hostages by Hamas and its terrorist allies; the sexual violence perpetrated on that day and against the hostages;  the use of innocent Palestinian civilians as human shields; and the continuing unwillingness of Hamas to accept ceasefire proposals advanced by the U.S., Egypt, Qatar, and others.   

    We take note that by all reports, there is, as we write, a ceasefire deal on the table that has been agreed to by Israel. Right now, once again, as Secretary of State Blinken has stated, Hamas is the party that is the obstacle to a ceasefire, to the return of hostages, and to increasing the humanitarian surge in Gaza. 

    We urge the Boston City Council to reject this resolution, and – if the Council still endeavors to speak to the situation in Israel and Gaza – to work together toward a resolution that cares for the welfare of all the people of the city of Boston, and for all our loved ones who are suffering – through thoughtful, responsible, and measured actions.