Student to Student Program

JCRC is now the Boston home for Student-to-Student – a nationally recognized peer education program where Jewish high schoolers share about their Jewish identity through personal stories. This program is proven to reduce prejudice and bigotry and facilitate discussions to dismantle antisemitism.

Groups of 3-4 Jewish high school Student Presenters, representing different denominations of Judaism, visit local public and independent high schools with few, if any, Jewish students. The presentations resonate with classroom students since they are given by peers in a style that is more like that of an informal discussion. Presenters share their personal narratives while discussing a range of topics.

The Student to Student program:

  • Fosters understanding among peers

  • Brings together Jewish students from different backgrounds

  • Trains them to talk about their lives as Jewish teens

  • Facilitates discussions to dismantle antisemitism

  • Puts a human face to Judaism

Join us for the 2023-2024 school year to break down stereotypes and foster increased understanding in our community: