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  • 26 Jun

  • Ways to Volunteer and Take Action During Coronavirus

    1. Take our Pathways to Peace Learning Series:
    Now more than ever, we need to find ways to connect with our neighbors. We live in a global community where stories from around the world can unite and inspire us. Join us for Pathways to Peace: a six-part series featuring Israelis and Palestinians telling their stories of identity, friendship, and cohesion even during a time of social distance. 2. Make sure our most vulnerable populations can eat:
    Food For Free is mobilizing a volunteer team to make sure our most vulnerable populations still get food. Click here if you are willing to assist in a safe way during this challenging time. 3. Help kids continue to get their school lunches:
    Click here to volunteer with Boston Public Schools, packing and distributing meals. You can also donate reusable bags for families to use when picking up from meal sites by emailing . 4. Create a “Soup In A Jar” kit for our partner shelters and food pantries:
    These soup mixes can be used immediately or at a later date. For more information, contact Grace Farnan, TELEM Coordinator. 5. Virtually visit with a Hebrew SeniorLife resident:
    Volunteer to be paired with a resident from either Hebrew SeniorLife or 2Life Communities to chat via phone or video about anything from favorite movies and books to places you have traveled. Click here to volunteer. 6. Take ten minutes to fill out the 2020 Census Form:
    You can respond online, by phone, or by mail. Census results help determine how billions of dollars in federal funding flow into states and communities each year, and can shape many different aspects of your community.

    7. Father Bill’s & MainSpring Homeless Shelters are looking for donations of bagged lunches, prepared meals, and cleaning supplies.

    8.  Volunteer at the Greater Boston Food Bank to unpack/repack food deliveries for distribution to GBFB partner food pantries and meals programs.

    9. Write a letter to someone in immigrant detention
    We continue to support our neighbors in immigration detention who are struggling from a lack of resources and care at this time. If you’d like to write letters to those we are supporting with BIJAN, please contact Rachie Lewis.

    10. Help the Harvard Graduate Students Union (HGSU) meet the needs of students, student workers, staff, and the entire university community during this difficult pandemic.

    11. Sign this petition to demand an immediate moratorium on all evictions in MA to protect residents with few resources or safety net and to prevent the escalation of the pandemic.

    12. Be part of our Fund-a-Need campaign launching next week: 
    You can help fund various program efforts by donating now, and your donation will be included in our campaign. 13. Grocery shop for 2Life Community residents:
    Residents are looking for people to help them buy groceries. They’ll provide you with money and you’ll purchase their pre-selected items at the grocery store and drop the groceries at the front door of the building for the residents to pick up. Click here to volunteer. 14. Contact your legislators:
    Click here to ask your state legislators to co-sponsor HD 4951, an Act to Provide Short Term Relief to Families in Deep Poverty. HD 4951 would provide immediate one-time supplemental cash assistance to 30,000 families in Massachusetts hit especially hard by the pandemic. 15. Volunteer at Hebrew SeniorLife:
    Hebrew SeniorLife needs volunteers to take shifts on their eight different campuses to perform onsite screening temperature checks. The sites are located in Brookline, Roslindale, Revere, Dedham, Canton, and Randolph. Protective gear will be provided, along with appropriate safety training. Prospective, healthy volunteers who are comfortable with physical proximity should contact Lynda Bussgang. 16. Donate blood:
    Due to severe blood shortage, donors are urgently needed. For those allowed to do so, make an appointment to donate at Boston Children’s Hospital. 17. Donate food to Hayley House:
    Donate non-perishable food or sanitizing items, or send them items from their Amazon Charity Lists.