For decades, JCRC has championed the values and interests of Greater Boston’s Jewish community on Beacon Hill. The 2020 state budget bears powerful testimony to our impact, having leveraged $10 million to support programs and priorities of the Jewish social service network, benefiting the entire Commonwealth. This year, JCRC led on seven budget priorities, all of which included increases and direct appropriations to the Jewish social service network and beyond. Additional dollars will support our community’s longstanding priorities – as well as addressing more recent threats, such as nonprofit security. LEGISLATIVE RECEPTION
In March, 150 people from JCRC’s vibrant network of allies passionate about justice, equality, and public service gathered together at our 21st Annual Legislative Reception.
We celebrated the efforts made this past year to support our policy agenda and honored four outstanding leaders in government who’ve helped us respond to the needs of our communities, develop innovative policies, and make the Commonwealth a more inclusive place for all.

“The trip I took to Israel with the JCRC was an eye-opening experience for me.” — LEGISLATIVE LEADERSHIP AWARD RECIPIENT REPRESENTATIVE RON MARIANO

“Thank you to JCRC for all that you do to advocate for policies that support civil rights and lift up all Massachusetts residents.” — LEGISLATIVE LEADERSHIP AWARD RECIPIENT SENATOR JOAN B. LOVELY

“This organization and these issues are so important, now more than ever…Faith is important. Community is important.” — EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP AWARD RECIPIENT GOVERNOR CHARLIE BAKER


[Joshua Qualls/Governor's Press Office] Capture Legislative Reception UMass Club


Taking Action During COVID-19
Recommitting to Community Relations
Combating Antisemitism and Hatred
Standing with our Immigrant Neighbors
Achieving Wins for our Community on Beacon Hill
Building Partnerships Through Service
Advancing a Vision of Peace
Fund-a-Need Campaign

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