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In September, nearly 300 members of the Jewish community came together at JCRC Celebrates to mark the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Year of our TELEM and B’nai TELEM programs. Over the past 13 years we have engaged and inspired 9,000+ young people to volunteer through a Jewish lens. We presented awards to four-star TELEM teen and pre-teen participants. And we honored three extraordinary JCRC leaders: JCRC Past President Bill Gabovitch, recipient of the 2018 Barry Shrage Community Builder Award, and community leaders Risa Shames and Neil Silverston, who received the 2018 Community Legacy Award.

“As I continue to learn about our community and as I look to our future, it is clear that the role of JCRC is as critical as ever. During difficult times – terror in Israel, or challenging issues here at home – as we at CJP consider how best to respond, JCRC is usually the very first organization we turn to. In a world where so many are looking for simple solutions to complex problems, I see a JCRC that has been CJP’s partner in trying to get to the root of a problem, working not for quick fixes but for systemic change.”

RABBI MARC BAKER, CJP PRESIDENT & CEO, pictured with Executive Director Jeremy Burton and CJP Past President Barry Shrage (L-R)


“To me, it all comes down to being as inclusive as possible, so we are strong and broad as we work together to bring equity, justice, and love to the world. The world needs a strong Jewish community, not just as a moral voice, but as an army of those committed to and working to repair this broken world.”

HONOREE BILL GABOVITCH, fourth from right, pictured with JCRC Past Presidents (L-R) Ken Sweder, Michael Bohnen, Adam Suttin, current President Stacey Bloom, Jill Goldenberg, Joel Reck, and Jim Segel


What I value most about JCRC is that it pushes all of us out of our bubbles… In an age of tribalism within an interconnected world, that unwavering focus on the ‘public square’ is this organization’s greatest contribution.”

HONOREE RISA SHAMES, pictured with honorees Neil Silverston (L) and Bill Gabovitch (R)



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