Featured Monthly Make It and Take It Activities

Download and print out our highlighted monthly Make It and Take It activity selections to use with your students 

Click to download “Origami Monster Bookmark

pic4 What you’ll need: square card stock or construction paper in various colors, scissors, glue, and markers; optional: googly eyes and pipe cleaners for embellishments.




Click to download “Affix Sort

MITI MayAffix Sort, a phonics game designed to reinforce 4th and 5th grade students’ identification of affixes. The activity includes printable “Header cards” to be used for sorting words into the categories: “Prefix”, “Suffix”, “Both Prefix and Suffix”, and “No Affix”.  Printable “Word cards” are also included, which students will be sorting into the “Header” categories. You can also make your own word cards from students’ vocabulary lists.

This game can be played with one or multiple students by having students take turns in selecting “Word cards” and sorting them into the appropriate category. If you play with more than one student, peer evaluation can allow students to strengthen their skills and work collaboratively.

Click to download “Build A Word

TMITI April 2016his activity is designed to support middle elementary students with vocabulary and word ID. The activity includes three sheets of words to use as word “game boards” and printable cards of affixes to be cut into “game pieces”.

This activity can be enjoyed by multiple students. Simply print additional copies of the affix cards like we did.



Click to download “Alphabet Borders

March MITIThis activity is designed to support K-1st grade students with letter recognition. The activity provides an alphabet letter-picture strip that can be printed and glued as a border on construction paper. An additional alphabet letter-picture strip is also included to be printed and made into separate letter cards. This activity can be used with one or more students at the same time—they take turns selecting one of the letter cards, holding it up, saying the name of the letter on the card, and then matching it to the corresponding spot on the border. If you are playing with more than one student, the steps can be split up among students.

 Click to download “Sounds of Silence

silent not silent

“Sounds of Silence” is a phonics activity for 2nd and 3rd grade students. In this activity, students can practice identifying and sorting words with attention to silent letters. The activity provides several word cards and a blank worksheet for students to fill in as they sort words. You can also include students’ vocabulary words or any other challenging words.

Click to download “Speedy Alphabet Arc

Enactment of Speedy Alphabet arc GBJCL Dec 2015“Speedy Alphabet Arc” is intended to help students in Kindergarten-1st grade improve letter recognition fluency.  This activity can enhance your work with students by reinforcing their familiarity with the alphabet and creates a fun challenge as they try to complete the activity faster each time!

Click to download “Dictionary Cube

photo 1 %285%29

“Dictionary Cube” is designed for students in 4th-5th grades.  This vocabulary activity helps students improve their skills by answering questions printed on the “Dictionary cube” provided for printing. You can re-use the cube for as many vocabulary words as needed.  You can either use the cube template with questions or fill in the provided blank cube template with your own questions.

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