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  • 16 Apr

  • JCRC: Fighting Antisemitism for 80 years

    Are we having an impact in the fight against antisemitism? 

    I hear a variation on that question virtually every day. Often, multiple times a day.  

    There is, rightly, great concern in our community right now. Even fear. Because it is very clear that both expressions of and acts of antisemitism, including violent acts targeting people and facilities, are on the rise.

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    To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

    A few years back, a member of the JCRC team told me about a conversation he had while advocating on Beacon Hill. In a conversation with a senior member, he expressed that a particular issue was one that the organized Jewish community was keenly interested and invested in. The legislator’s chief of staff responded, to paraphrase: “Are you sure? Because Jeremy hasn’t been talking about this on Twitter.”

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    #YesOn4 is a Victory for Jewish Values 

    There were many races and many outcomes on Tuesday. I’ll leave it to the pundits to make sense of it all. For now, we here at JCRC are celebrating the victory of #YesOn4 and the successful defense of Massachusetts’ Work and Family Mobility Law

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    Ye is an outlier

    “We end up losing, even when there are consequences,” said Jeremy Burton, who heads the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston. “Antisemitism is so

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