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Layers and Narratives of Complexity

By Jeremy Burton | Mar 17, 2017

Last month I had the opportunity to spend four days traveling in Palestinian Authority controlled areas of the West Bank, and in Jerusalem neighborhoods with Palestinian majorities. This opportunity was provided by Encounter, which invites American Jewish leaders to engage with Palestinian experiences and perspectives. I found some familiar experiences: meeting co-existence activists in Bethlehem (including one we meet with on our JCRC trips); touring … Continue reading Layers and Narratives of Complexity »

Embracing Optimism: Peres’ Message of Constructive Engagement

By Jeremy Burton | Mar 10, 2017

This blog was originally posted on JewishBoston.com. At last week’s kickoff event for the CommUNITY Israel Dialogue, we honored the life and legacy of Shimon Peres. Israel’s former Consul General to New England Nadav Tamir began by sharing one of Peres’ guiding principles: unfettered optimism. Peres chose to be an optimist despite facing various levels of opposition during his decades of public service in Israel. Peres, … Continue reading Embracing Optimism: Peres’ Message of Constructive Engagement »

How We Remember: April 23 is Our Community Holocaust Commemoration of Yom HaShoah

By Jeremy Burton | Mar 3, 2017

Last year I wrote about Dr. Robert Berger z’l, a Brookline Holocaust survivor, who had an immeasurable impact on our community and beyond. We were privileged to have him participate in our Yom HaShoah Committee, where he advocated passionately not only for the accurate portrayal of the horrific ordeal endured by Holocaust survivors, but also for teaching about the extraordinary ways in which they successfully rebuilt their lives … Continue reading How We Remember: April 23 is Our Community Holocaust Commemoration of Yom HaShoah »

Resilient Living

By Jeremy Burton | Feb 24, 2017

Jewish fears were front and center this week as the tide of bomb threats against JCCs and other institutions continued to roll across the country, disrupting communities, and sowing seeds of dread and anxiety. The desecration of hallowed Jewish ground at a cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri traumatized us as well. As buildings were evacuated, as members of our community reeled in horror at the … Continue reading Resilient Living »

A Two-State Solution is Still the Answer

By JCRC | Feb 17, 2017

Much has and will be said about the meeting this week between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu. There are elements of this important engagement that should receive broad welcome in the organized Jewish community, such as the strong affirmation by the President that the United States will work to prevent Iran from ever developing a nuclear weapon. There are also elements that should provoke … Continue reading A Two-State Solution is Still the Answer »

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